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Informacija o udeležbi predstavnice Veleposlaništva RS v Zagrebu na Regionalnem forumu Pobude migracije, azil in vračanje beguncev (MARRI), Zagreb, 19. maj 2008

V ponedeljek, dne 19. maja 2008, je v prostorih Gospodarske zbornice v soorganizaciji Ministrstva za notranje zadeve ter Ministrstva za zunanje zadeve in evropske integracije Republike Hrvaške potekal regionalni forum pobude MARRI, ki se ga je v imenu predsedujoče Svetu EU udeležila prva sekretarka Katarina Gradič-Režen. V tem svojstvu je prebrala tudi kratko izjavo predsedujoče (spodnje besedilo).



Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to address the MARRI Regional Forum on behalf of the Presidency to the European Union.

Let me first thank our host warmly and allow me to express satisfaction on the successful coordination and cooperation of activities performed during the Croatian Presidency in Office to MARRI. We welcome the guidelines for future work of the initiative as stated in the MARRI Strategy and Programme of Action for 2008 and especially the preparation of the project proposals submitted to foreign donors. Their implementation will be of big importance for the future work of the Centre.

Regional cooperation is one of the cornerstones of the Stabilisation and Association Process and remains a top requirement on the way towards the EU. The MARRI Initiative has played an important role in facilitating, improving and fostering regional links, coordination and cooperation, thus complementing similar efforts within the Process.

Slovenia focuses its efforts to ensure a clear European perspective for all MARRI Member States and to a long-term consolidation of security and stability as well as a clear perspective of development for the entire region. Within this scope, Slovenia strives to accelerate the stabilisation and association process and to assist the Western Balkans countries in their EU rapprochement process. In this context, we welcome the recent SAA signature with Serbia and are looking forward for the signing of the SAA with Bosnia-Herzegovina as soon as possible.

The Slovenian Presidency of the HLWG for asylum and migration strives to continue the implementation of the European council conclusions related to the external dimension of migration. Particular emphasis is given to the comprehensive and regionally balanced implementation of the Global approach to migration, especially in the regions neighboring EU.

The future activities of the MARRI Regional Centre should enhance the operational capabilities of regional cooperation and intensify dialogue among MARRI Member States.  Strong regional cooperation among MARRI Member States will be an added value to visa liberalisation process with EU.

Let me conclude by wishing the upcoming Macedonian Presidency in Office a lot of success in implementation of the set goals. I wish you a fruitful meeting