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Where, when, and how to submit a visa application?


General information:

Short-stay visa (C Type) applicants must submit an application at the diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that is their only or main destination. When visiting several Schengen countries, the main destination is the country in which the stay will be the longest. If the duration of one’s stay in several Schengen countries is equal, the main destination is deemed to be the country most connected to the main purpose of the trip (for example, conference participation, participation in a fair, a business meeting, etc.). If it is impossible to establish the main destination based on these criteria, the application has to be submitted with a diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that will be entered first.


If the Republic of Slovenia is the only or main destination, the application must be submitted at a diplomatic mission of the Republic of Slovenia.


Applicants must submit an application in the country where they are either citizens or holders of a residence permit. If there is no diplomatic mission of the Republic of Slovenia in such country, the application must be submitted with the diplomatic mission accredited for that country (usually located in a neighbouring country) or at the diplomatic mission of another Schengen country if the Republic of Slovenia has concluded a representation agreement with that country.



When to apply for a short-stay visa (C Type)

You can submit an application no earlier than three months and generally no later than 15 days before your intended journey. If you apply less than 15 days before the journey, your application may not be processed in time. We suggest that you plan your trip and apply for a visa well in advance, as in peak seasons we may not be able to arrange an appointment at which you can submit an application immediately.


As a general rule, visa applications are decided on within 15 calendar days. In individual cases this period may be extended to 30 days and, exceptionally, to 60 days, if a more detailed examination of the application and/or additional documents are required.


Some Schengen countries require that they be consulted regarding visa applications submitted by citizens of certain countries. This consultation process may delay the visa procedure by several days. Such consultation is currently required for nationals of the countries listed here. Similarly, some Schengen countries may require that they be informed when a visa has been issued to nationals of certain third countries, which are listed here.


Furthermore, it is also recommended that you lodge a visa application with due consideration of the national holidays of the Schengen country of destination and of the country in which you apply for a visa. Holders of a multiple-entry visa (valid for a period of at least six months) may lodge an application for a new visa before the expiry of such visa.



Specific information for Croatia:

The visa procedure carried out at the Slovenian Embassy in Zagreb (assuming all required documents have been submitted) takes up to 15 days. The average processing time is 5 days.

If any documents are missing but the visa application is otherwise admissible, applicants will receive a notice regarding the missing documents and the deadline for their submission (3 working days).

In the event of an emergency (death, an accident involving a family member, etc.) and you urgently need to travel as soon as possible, please contact the Embassy of Slovenia by phone or email to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate your visa application process.

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Zagreb accepts short-stay visa (C Type) applications from third country nationals who are residents in the Croatia and who are obliged to have a visa when entering the Schengen Area and who intend to visit the Republic of Slovenia.


You may apply for a visa:

Without prior appointment– directly at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Zagreb.


How to apply for a short-stay visa (C Type)

Applications must generally be submitted by the applicant in person. Simply follow this three-step plan:

1 Check whether you need an appointment to submit a visa application. If so, make an appointment.

2 Download, print, complete, and sign the application form and compile all the required documents (see the checklists in “What do I need to submit with an application for a short-stay visa (C Type)”).

Carefully check if you have prepared all of the required documents. Then arrange the documents according to the order stated in the ‘Document Checklist’.

Please note that if you fail to submit the minimum required documents (application form, travel document, photograph, fingerprints (where required), or visa fee (where charged)), the application will not be accepted. Failure to submit other required documents might also lead to visa refusal. 

3 Submit your application together with the supporting documents

Upon submitting an application, you will be informed when you can come to collect your travel document with a decision (either a visa is issued or information on the visa refusal is provided).

Tourist trips with an accredited travel agency 

Accredited travel agencies are not allowed to submit applications on behalf of clients. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Zagreb does not cooperate with any travel agency.